Because we know your 22 TiTania probably isn’t cutting it with your baby hairs, we’re introducing Peggy Sue. Available in Signature Royal, it uses the latest ceramic technology to produce negative ions, which reduces frizz and static electricity.

It’s almost like your standard flat iron—except it’s smaller, making it easy to tame your baby hairs, pixie cuts, smooth frizziness and the temperature is packing up to 380°F. While Peggy Sue just might fit in your shoe, we do not recommend. We copped the carrying case for that and yes, it’s included with each purchase.

Perfect for professional traveling stylists, self proclaimed stylists or those who simply want a safe storage for their flat iron.

* 1" Floating Ceramic Plates
* Manual On/Off Switch
* 380°F Maximum Temperature
* ft Swivel Cord for Convenience

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