Annagjid (Ahh-nah-key) Taylor, also known as “Kee” who got her start in her Mom and Dad's basement is now a CEO, author, Editor in Chief, salon owner and hairstylist, not only in her own salon but in the entertainment industry as well. Traveling from coast to coast, she styles hair for her well-known celebrity clients. Her work has also been published in magazines from Essence to InStyle and has been spotted on numerous TV shows, movies, press junkets and red carpets. Most recently she graduated from key and personal hairstylist to department head of hair for her last three films.

Kee's hair salon ‘Deeper Than Hair’ is based in West Philadelphia and just celebrated 10 years in business. Her salon is most known for their attention to the health of the client’s hair and getting damaged hair to its strongest state. 

Because of her dedication to caring for the health of her client's hair and feeling like something was missing from the industry,  Kee was inspired to create an advanced hair care line, ‘Shear Genius Collection’. She also has taken initiative to build up the youth with her children's book, All Hair is Good Hair, which is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The books popularity prompted her to take a step further and create a doll based off of the main character, Samaya, which has natural hair to help our young girls embrace and love their own textures. Not forgetting about thee adult hair enthusiast, Kee most recently created, Deeper Than Hair Magazine, a beauty publication dedicated to the celebration of black beauty and amplifying hair stories. 

In the social world, Kee is known for going viral with her captivating, creative videos on Instagram geared towards celebrating black women, black hair and black textures. She created both the popular DMX Challenge and The Black Effect Challenge. Her social presence doesn’t stop there. Kee's YouTube channel, 'Deeper Than Hair TV' is full of free education with over 200 tutorials, 1.3 million subscribers and over 200 million views.

Kee is proud of all of her accomplishments and feels she still has much more to do which she says will continue to happen with her forever formula. God, patience and hustle.