The number one selling 22 TiTania iron allows you to customize the temperature to match your hair’s needs (lower temps for delicate hair, higher temps for thicker, curly or textured hair as well as weaves/wigs) while the Peggy Sue mini packs just enough heat to safely and easily tame your edges and/or pixie cuts. Both flat irons come in this sleek stainless steel protective carrying case with a display window.
22TiTania Features:
* 1 1/4” Aircraft Grade Titanium Floating Plates 
* Manual On/Off Switch.
* 465°F Maximum Temperature.
*ft Swivel Cord prevents tangling.
*Color: Signature Royal.
Peggy Sue Features:
* 1" Floating Ceramic Plates.
* Manual On/Off Switch.
* 380°F Maximum Temperature.
* ft Swivel Cord prevents tangling.
*Color: Purple.
Protective Case Features:  
L x W c H
*Display Window.
*Stainless Steel.
*Non-slip grip Memory Foam.
Perfect for professional traveling stylists, self proclaimed stylists or those who simply want a safe storage for their flat irons. Order today at the introductory price.
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