The 22 TiTania is our number one styling tool! A 1.25 inch flat iron in the color Smoke N Mirrors, with heat settings ranging 300 to 465, this is your go-to hair tool. From curls to bone straight, 22TiTania will get the job done!

Made with aircraft grade titanium floating plates with highly efficient heat transfer that instantly smooths, conditions and shines with just one pass. Our beautiful custom, heavy duty, black DTH, carrying case is included with each purchase. Perfect for professional traveling stylists, self proclaimed stylists or those who simply want a safe storage for their flat iron.

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Very light weight

Terrie on Apr 26th 2022

I haven't used it yet because I braided my hair but I am so excited about using it. It is so light in weight and the case that it's in is so awesome. Perfect for storing as well as protecting the product. A must buy. Another great Christmas gift.

22 Titania Flat Iron

Natalie G. on Apr 19th 2022

I Love. Love. Love this Flat Iron... Works perfect on my daughter's curly hair.


Quita on Mar 21st 2022

I love these flat irons they keep my hair straight after using other flatirons these do the best job on my hair you better get you some.

Smoke and Mirros

Marva Houpe on Mar 14th 2022

First of all, can we talk about how sexy it is?!?!?! The case just sets it off!! It's so simple to use. When Kee says "one pass is all you need" she is telling you the truth!! If you don't have one, Sis, you are truly missing out. I love this flat iron ❤

These flat irons are LIFE !!

Porsha Williams on Mar 10th 2022

These are hands-down the best Florence I’ve ever purchased well worth the money!