Make your wash and styling days easier with our fine mist spray bottle. Delivering an amazing spray quality of fine mist combined with a continuous spray function. It's silent performance works quickly, and evenly in all directions while giving you full coverage and less mess!

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Amazing and Hydrating

CM on May 11th 2022

I use this spray bottle almost every day. The continuous spray is a game changer! Love the way the spray is fine enough that it sits on the hair rather than drenching everything to the point I'm getting a river to my neck lol. Adding moisture without causing a flood - win win!! I wish all liquid products for hair came in similar spray bottles, like liquid leave-in conditioner. I'd pour it in, but I don't want to clog the spray bottle. 5/5, very pleased with the performance after use for 5 months now.

Beautiful color

Terrie on Apr 26th 2022

The color is even brighter than I thought. Very good quality and arrived fast. I'm telling others already. Will buy more for Christmas presents. A must buy ❤

RE: “Royalty Sprayer”

Evangelist H.M.H. on Apr 24th 2022

This item is cute & it’s purple…I feel it wa just there for me snatch up quickly! Easy to use & very classy.


Mar 24th 2022

I love ❤ my gold spray bottle, it's perfect, feels good in my hands, and adds that extra bit of flair to my wash day's.

Sprayed like royalty!

Misty on Mar 17th 2022

I love how the sprayer gets the hair super wet without creating a mess. It was very useful for wetting down my sew-in hair to create that wavy look. It does occasionally drip water but great product.

I love this sprayer!

Brittany Ray on Feb 28th 2022

I had purchased a similar product on Amazon and it failed on me and quit spraying after a few months… I just got this product and was really excited. So far it’s working just fine but it did arrive with a small dent on the lower bottom part of it :( I didn’t feel like the hassle to return and wait for another one because I was really excited to try it out!

Royalty it is….

Cynthia on Jun 18th 2021

The colors are beautiful and the spray bottle is like no other. I have purchased 2 of each color. I will purchase more to gift to family and friends. And these are one of a kind. Where does Kee get these great items? She has a very good eye for selling quality items, and they are definitely one of a kind.

Royalty sprayer

Pamela on May 5th 2021

I purchased the gold. ITS BEAUTIFUL. I love it. Went back to get the purple, but it was sold out. Will be watching for that one.