There are still people that use cotton on their hair and we are here to change that! The Honesty Towel is our microfiber hair cloth and it honestly does what it says it does! It creates less friction, helps prevent breakage, promotes moisture retention and cuts drying time in half! Our towel is honestly the largest hair cloth on the market  at 25 X 45" and comes in a biodegradable, reusable pouch perfect for traveling or the gym!  .. Comes in both grey and purple.

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Sandra Hills on Mar 20th 2022

I've been trying to order one of the towels,when will they be back in stock.


Tam on Aug 23rd 2021

I was really impressed by the size. I wasn’t expecting it to be so big like a regular towel.


T AMAZING on Aug 12th 2021

This towel is perfect much larger then I expected!!

Wonderful wonderful

Cora Perez on Oct 16th 2020

Who knew that a towel could make such a huge difference. But this towel does, it’s soooo lightweight and yet it soaked up the excess water in my hair. I recommend this product to all my friends. Excellent.

Honest Towel

Joyce Sutton on Sep 15th 2020

Upon receiving my honesty towel order and using it for the first time, this is what I've been looking for. Finally a towel that doesnt dry out or damage my natural coils after shampooing or conditioning. Thx Deeper Than Hair

Honesty Towel

Sabrina on Aug 31st 2020

I absolutely love my honesty towel. It’s soft, it dries my hair well and the color is amazing. The quality of this product is amazing. I love Deeper Than Hair product line. It’s the details for me.

Microfiber Towel-Purple

SD on Aug 27th 2020

I have had several microfiber towels specifically set aside for my hair before. This towel is different. I like the size. I recently combed out my sisterlocs and am in hair-transition. This towel is light enough that it won't break your neck and somehow absorbs all the water and then has nerve enough not to be soaking wet itself! I also enjoy the vibrant purple color. The website doesn't do it justice.

Honesty Towel

Constance Spivey on Aug 21st 2020

I love it, it's very soft and it doesn't dry out my totally. I have hide my towel because my husband will use it to wash his car...and I can't do jail so I hide it from him..lol thanks for the great products and videos.